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One Pot Cheesy Bratwurst Fajita Skillet

If you’re like me you have limited time to cook. Between shuttling the kids around town, daycare and school events, work, and fighting to keep the house from being featured in an episode of hoarders or classified as “tornado aftermath,” cooking needs to be quick and easy. Achieving a healthy meal balance in a short amount of time while using as few dishes as possible is one of the simple things helping me maintain my sanity (what‘s left of it).

One Pot Cheesy Bratwurst Fajita Skillet is hearty, easy, and delicious! A family favorite meal in under 20 minutes in just one pot? Yes, please! Even better, guess where you can get the ingredients! You guessed it, Cotton Mill Farmers Market!


  • 2 tbsp olive oil

  • 1 bell pepper sliced into strips

  • 1 onion halved and then sliced into strips

  • 8 oz mushrooms sliced

  • 1-2 Bratwurst, sliced into 1" rounds

  • Shredded cheese


  1. In a large pan, heat oil until shimmery.

  2. Add onion, let brown and soften.

  3. Add pepper and mushrooms, let brown.

  4. Add Bratwurst, let brown lightly.

  5. Add cheese until melted.

  6. Serve in a skillet, over a salad, in a bun, or as-is!

Images and recipe courtesy of Courtney ODell of Sweet C’s

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