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Dennis Farms

Dennis Farms is located in east central Alabama about half way between Anniston, AL and Carrollton, GA.


We grow lush, nutritious grass in our pastures. We raise Red Angus cattle, Katahdin hair sheep and Tamworth heritage pigs to harvest our grass. At the appropriate stage of maturity, we harvest our animals to produce nutritious and delicious grass-fed beef, grass-fed lamb and pastured pork.

We raise our cows, sheep and pigs in a natural pastoral environment never giving growth promoting antibiotics, hormones, or steroids.


We believe that contented animals produce a superior product, so we strive for a low stress environment emphasizing the humane treatment of our livestock. We follow a strict grass-fed protocol with our cows and sheep never feeding grain, animal byproducts or feed supplements. Our pigs graze the pasture along with the cows and sheep receiving supplemental grain as needed. We do not use farrowing crates.


  • Primeburger (whole cow ground beef)

  • Hot and Mild Breakfast Sausage

  • Bratwurst

  • Italian Sausage

  • Bacon

  • Ground Lamb

  • more!

Greg and Janie Dennis

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