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Green Thumb Skillet

Chris & LeAnn Benton


Green Thumb Skillet is brought to you by C&L Farms Grows a farm north of Carrollton off of Hwy 113.

​They will offer an assortment of baked items such as baguettes, croissants, fresh and dried pastas, and other baked items.

Also expect to find small batches of cold-pressed seed/nut oils (pecan, walnut, sesame oils).

Also  craft items of small garden related wood products (such as dibble boards for square foot gardeners) or small handmade wood products, the occasional ceramic products such as cups, small plates, bowls, etc, handmade journals and notebooks, marbled paper, and handmade paper products such as stationary and envelopes.

Farm products are fruit and vegetables grown on the farm (seasonal) and micro greens.

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