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High Spirits Farm

We love to grow things - especially veggies! We are committed to growing food for our customers that are ethical and sustainable to the soil and land we use. We want to provide produce that nourishes the mind and body. We  have found a way  that our family could work together rather than spend our days apart. In doing so, we are excited to offer food that has been grown using natural methods with no pesticides.  We will be bringing some of our cool weather veggies - romaine, red leaf and spring mix lettuces, as well as fresh rosemary, sage, and a few tomato seedlings. Be on the lookout for our warm weather crops such as sweet corn, heirloom tomatoes and a variety of beans. Oh - and we will be bringing eggs from our small flock.We love our chickens! From our family to yours...

Contact: (770) 689-8482

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